Good Reads: 21 November 2014

Hi guys! What are you up to this weekend?

My husband is off to a movie tonight, so like a modern-day Cathy cartoon I'm looking forward to catching up on some blogs, watching a documentary, listening to Serial, painting my nails. Cliche liberal girl stuff.

In other news, the Berlin countdown starts now – we leave on Thanksgiving! Thank you for all of your wonderful suggestions. I can't wait to eat, shop, browse, buy magazines, and of course enjoy the city.

Have a great Friday!

killer weekend tune, courtesy of my dad. 

the cut's "women in the morning" series. (bless you, tavi, for being honest and wise.)

non-career advice. ("be completely awake.")

dog teaching baby to jump

haruki murakami in the new yorker. 

holiday diy i might actually do. 

miley x Serial


this makes me want to go back to camp

megan ambram's lady-friendly science. (finally!)

please watch "transparent" if you aren't already. can we all agree that gaby hoffman is a hero?


Favorite finds this week: 

Proud Mary

A Boy Named Sue

Line Line Co.  (North Carolina!)