Life As An Expat: The Move

This is the part. The part where things take shape and become real events with times and dates instead of anxieties on repeat.

The part where you make plans with friends. Bye-for-now drinks and dinner dates.

The part where you write lists, open boxes, cram suitcases.

Blow dust off books, uncover old papers, question what you own.

Make appointments, close accounts.

Plan weekends, number days, count sleeps.

The part where you begin to think of the "when I'm there" things, and new lists begin to take shape. You set reminders, throw out your old yoga mat.

Donate, give away, bag on the curb, repeat.

Get nervous, get excited, plan outfits, read books on change.

Goodbye to all that, hello to something else.

This is the part you hate, love, will look back on. Maybe with sympathy, maybe not.

It starts.