Behind The Scenes With TANTUVI SS15

Look – not to toot my own horn or anything, but I have really talented friends.

Yes, I know everyone says that. And yes, mine really are.

Case in point: Arati Rao of TANTUVI, who I was introduced to by my pattern designer and eco-beauty-line owner friends last year. (See? Cool.)

After the introduction, I interviewed Arati for a freelance piece and then found myself returning again and again to her work. There's something about her patterns, color choices, and simple styling that I just love.

Because there are so many incredibly inspiring emerging designers and collections out there, I'm going to start posting more in-depth pieces on some of my favorite lines in a new column called Behind The Scenes. These posts will look at the inspirations and processes behind the work and businesses of some of the best top notch, cool-kid creatives. I'll be sharing along on Instagram, using the ever-important hashtag (have to have a hashtag, right?) of #sffscenes

Let's start with TANTUVI:

TANTUVI began in 2010 after founder and designer Arati Rao had spent much of the year traveling. On her travels, Arati discovered and formed an attachment to the hand-loom textile traditions she found in South India.

From there, TANTUVI – which means 'weaver' in Sanskrit – was formed. 

For the Spring/Summer 2015 collection, Arati was inspired by travel yet again – but this time, her inspiration came from a trip to Turkey.

She shares the role Turkey played in designing her SS15 collection: 

"There was something about Turkey that really spoke to me. The palette I was originally thinking of didn't seem right, so I created a whole new color scheme, which was heavily influenced by my visits to Pamukkale and Cappadocia."

"Pamukkale has these amazing natural formations of sulphur water, and a pool known for its healing properties that was once visited by Cleopatra."

Editor's Note: Woah

"Cappadocia was incredible. Twice, we were up before sunrise and the sky was unreal. We also went on a hot air balloon – that was unbelievable."

I love how clearly you can connect the color choices and inspirations in the SS15 collection to Arati's time in Turkey. From the colors to the patterns, and maybe even the shapes, you can see exactly where she was inspired.

All TANTUVI pieces are hand-dyed and hand-woven in South India before being assembled in Brooklyn, and Arati aims to provide income and a stable livelihood to both the women presently involved in the TANTUVI production process as well as the future generations behind them.

See? Told you my friends were cool.

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