Good Reads: 14 November 2014

Hey you guys!

As you read this, I'm likely on a bus touring outer London – Stonehenge, Bath, you know. Why? I've got family in town this weekend, so we're making the most of the few days we have together by touring it up and eating lots of good food. Loose pants required.

Aside from that, I've gotten so into Transparent this week. It's an incredible series, and Gaby Hoffman just kills it. Are you guys watching?

Whatever you're doing, I hope you have as great of a weekend as I am.

This, obviously. Not gonna lie – I watched it every day this week.

Also, Taylor Swift kind of schools Audie Cornish – sorry, this is from a few weeks back.

Stow this in your minimalist files: Genius ways to declutter a kitchen

Love lemlem's new collection. 

A guide to small talk.

A beautiful Modern Love, from the archives.

Painting with thread

A different look at "The Giving Tree".

Laughed out loud.

Women having a terrible time at parties in western art history (via Cup of Jo).

Glitter earrings

Confirmed: no one knows what they're doing

With my move out of the big city coming up, I'm thinking about ways to embrace a slower way of life and am looking to simplify. So, here's to saying no to more things.