Good Reads: 10 October 2014

Extra excited because we've decided to make a quick trip to Berlin at the end of next month! Neither D nor I have ever been, but hear nothing but good things from people. Any specific recommendations are welcome.

We'll be spending the weekend planning our trip, and I just can't wait.

Hope you guys have a good one!

These pants. My goodness. 

The New York Times knows that the art of saying no can lead to a simpler, more meaningful life.

Outkast represents Atlanta. Yes, baby.

This tea has become my new writing partner.

My talented pal wrote a piece for The Times about Brand America, and it's great. 

Saw this New Yorker piece on Eileen Fisher a few places last week and finally took the time to read it. An interesting profile on a fascinating woman (who's also self conscious about the way she speaks!). 

This feeling.

A sweet little brown vase

Even if you don't subscribe to the Of A Kind newsletter for their products and designer collaborations, you should subscribe to them for their weekly round-up emails. These emails are always the perfect mix of random, accessible, desirable, smart, and relatable.

Animal people: Start reading Mrs Sizzle.

Parenting in the United States.

Have been very into Small Spells lately – her gorgeous ceramic work, as well as here mini-astrology bites on Instagram.

This video, by my talented friend Lindsay Ryden

Every pair of underwear I buy from now until forever will hopefully come from here. 

Sarah Silverman wants women to pay back the money they're owed. 

How Madewell Bought And Sold My Family's History. (Found via Tradlands)

Glossier! Who's bought it?

A perfect polka dot dress.


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