Good Reads: 31 October 2014


We're going, last weekend in November – that's Thanksgiving to all of you Americans – and have made no plans aside from booking an apartment in what I understand to be a "cool" part of town and buying our plane tickets. (Luckily Berlin is just under 2 hours from London.)

If you've been, have any recommendations or can tell me anything at all, I'd love to hear from you! Note: If your tip is to watch Cabaret before we go then don't bother – that's already on the list.

Other exciting things happening this week: my birthday is next Thursday (!) and we're making DIY chocolate covered pretzels this weekend.

Have a good one, folks!

via Still in Berlin

Lisa Congdon of owning yourself as a creative, and as an artist.

Marais's Autumn collection was released this week. Definitely putting these guys on my wish list. 

Listened to an older After The Jump this week about finding a "uniform" for all aspects of your life. Worth your time if you're looking to simplify.

I want to go to this class

Loving OKREAL and their stories about inspiring ladies who are real

Amy Poehler was on Fresh Air to celebrate the release of Yes Please.

These ceramics!

The NFL looks at bringing a team to London. Wait...what?

I'll have one of these, please.

My pal Randi did a Toronto guide for VOGUE!

Even The Atlantic is taking note of The Bitter Southerner.

Two posts on finding happiness in the act of minimizing: this one via Of A Kind, and this one via Minima.

Gorgeous earrings and some sweats I could deal with.