Tradlands Fall/Winter 2014

It's like this: You know that Lincoln quote, "Whatever you are, be a good one"? San Francisco's Tradlands basically embodies that idea. They're a quality-focused womenswear brand, and they are a good one, producing menswear-style button-downs that are made for lady bodies.

The shirts are well made, well-fitting, and all produced in the USA in small batches. Tradlands also focuses on decreasing their environmental impact and, in my experience, go to great lengths to connect with and be kind to their customers. 

Several weeks back I saw that Tradlands had paired with Cali Vintage for a $250 giveaway.

And when it comes to giveaways I've always been big on entering. After all, I figure someone has to win so heck – why not enter? (Side note: When I lived in New York, I once won a first-class round-trip ticket to London + a night in a fancy hotel. Isn't that crazy?)

Perhaps needless to say if you've read this far into the post, I entered the Tradlands x Cali Vintage giveaway and won...really won!

The two pieces I purchased with my winnings arrived a few weeks back all the way from San Fran and I am pleased as punch with both of them. 

I went for two styles in the Tradlands Fall/Winter 2014 collection, the Robie and The Northampton. Be sure to take note of the detail that goes into each shirt – from the mid-weight cotton fabric to the relaxed fit, right down to the 8-button closure which = no gaping. FINALLY.

rings by kendall conrad and catbird

earrings by Maya Magal, available at formula

You can get yer own Tradlands pieces here, find out more about super-sweet Sadie and Jeremy of Tradlands here, and check out their full Fall/Winter 2014 lookbook here

Thanks again to both Tradlands and Cali Vintage for the baller new shirts. You guys are the best.