Sunday Objects | 11

This one is kind of random, I know, but bear with me here – all of these simple, everyday objects have a lot of meaning.

The book has been arguably the most important everyday object this week (because I'm obsessed with it), but these other pieces are important for other reasons. Read on:

  • not that kind of girl: Because it came in the mail this week, I've started reading it, and have laughed out loud so many times. I am so glad that Lena Dunham is as popular as she is. 
  • soy candleBecause this candle kept me company on several rainy days this week. It also smells delicious.
  • tambourine: When my husband and I first met, I told him that in another life I would love to be a tambourine girl. I was living in the West Village at the time, so he went over the Bleecker Street and bought me a tambourine. This is definitely one of the most important things I own. 
  • brooklyn charm necklace: I was super homesick when I first got to London, so my darling friends would send me care packages. Included in one was a custom Greenpoint, Brooklyn necklace (complete with two cat charms) that I still wear almost every day.
  • oilve oil hand balm: New this week because hello, chilly wind.
  • schoolboy blazer: I bought this at a charity shop near our flat. It's a boy's school blazer, complete with crest and all. I wear it a lot and always get a wide variety of comments when I do.
  • mango: Thrown in for good measure. I became obsessed with mangos over the summer and am pretending that they'll never go out of season.


Show me your #SundayObjects either via post or tagging on social media. I'd love to the small items that were important to you this week. 

Have a lovely Sunday!