50 States of Style

50 States of Style is a blog I discovered earlier this year and have been following ever since.

Nina Myers McCammon is the mastermind behind 50 States of Style, and it's a blog I truly appreciate for its simple, thoughtful posts and focus on all things American-made.

From interviews with American makers and creatives like Erin Austen Abbott of Amelia and Tradlands (some of my personal favorites) to lovely posts like this West Falls series with Kelly Shea and Brendan Banks, 50 States of Style has become a regular in my blog feed and one I always look forward to reading. 

Photos courtesy of West Falls Studio via 50 States of Style

Photos courtesy of West Falls Studio via 50 States of Style

After I wrote about mindful shopping last week, Nina was kind enough to share her experiences with paring down her wardrobe and putting the focus on quality rather than quantity. She's zeroing in on pieces that are comfortable yet polished, and is putting the emphasis on the items that she truly values, no matter the cost.

You can read the post here, and I'd love to hear about experiences with minimalist fashion – however you define it – either in a comment below or in your own post.

And while you're at it, be sure to follow 50 States of Style on Twitter and Instagram! Quality, American-made content guaranteed.