Good Reads: The Best Links This Week

Finishing out the week with a new year, new you, new list of things to want. Updated wishlist features these incredible Fog Linen Chambray Towels, Celine-esque shower shoes (from ZARA, natch), and a LA Bruket candle that I'm considering splurging on. Too much?

But on to the non-material: this weekend, we're going to Spitafields City Farm and playing with the animals (YAY). I can actually hardly wait! Hope you're up to something fun!

Teddy Bear Lost & Found broke my heart. (Buzzfeed)

Not sure how I didn't know about this site before but yes. 

I tried out an amazing southern restaurant this week run by two Mississippians who now live in London. And of course, I went with my favorite London-by-way-of-Nashville gal, Alva Leigh

Per my wishlist, I'm completely on board with the shower shoe trend. (Refinery29)

Full House reunion? Please let this be true. (TIME)

Planning on making citrus votives this weekend! I'm scared of burning myself in the third-degree but the outcome kind of seems worth it. (Gardenista via reading my tea leaves)

The Onion calls it like it is, once again.

This map of London languages is fascinating. (Mapping London)

Dove's attempt at redefining the way we think about selfies is, well, beautiful. (KEEP)

And finally, this week I: profiled a London-based scarf designer who's inspired by Nepal, found ways to cure seasonal affective disorder with home decor, and went to, um, Target

Have a great weekend!