Chic and Really Cheap

Sunday mornings are basically my favorite time of the week.  It's just me and this dude, drinking coffee, eating croissants, and dog-stalking.  

After days of wearing a white button-down, striped t-shirt, and skinny Levi's, I decided to shake things up and show those (literal) dogs at the park some action.

In other words, I wore a skirt.

Daily Outfit - Second Floor Flat
Daily Outfit - Second Floor Flat

My black lace pencil skirt was a gift from a lovely former boss. It was purchased at the now-defunct U.S. version of Apart (RIP). -$0

My oh-so-casually-tied Fair Isle Cardigan was also a gift, given to me in my Brooklyn days. It's originally from the thrift store. -$0

My dinosaur t-shirt is homemade.  -$0

My Marais USA black leather chelsea boots were a birthday gift a few years back, but were originally priced at $218. -$0 

My black faux leather handbag is from H&M. -£14.99$24

Daily Outfit - Second Floor Flat

This means that the total cost of my outfit was only £14.99 / $24. Sure, that's a little cheeky since most of the pieces that I'm wearing were given to me, but my point here is that hand-me-downs and gifts shouldn't be undervalued. Throw 'em together and you can make a pretty good outfit for next to nothing, as they say. 

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Also, here's a cat

Black Cat - Second Floor Flat