Good Reads

Dolores Haze at NYFW - Second Floor Flat

Weekend = Mexican good, making a shirt, charity shop shopping, scrolling dead-eyed through Bloglovin' in a performance fleece.

Enjoy it, team!


Dolores Haze is a brand new, Lolita-inspired line just launched by New York designer/stylist/dear pal Sam Giordano. Here's a full review of her NYFW show, and while you're at it, don't miss her killer Tumblr. (SHK Magazine )

Really loving The Jealous Curator's curated selection on UGallery.  

A perfect song to relax to over the weekend. 

To me, this is romance.  (Humans of New York)

This article by Ann Friedman, makes for an interesting read whether you love, loved, or have always wanted to love New York. (The Cut)

If you haven't heard BBC1's interview with Kanye, stop what you're doing and listen to it now. Whatever you think about him, he has some pretty interesting things to say. Also the interviewer is Kiwi, and the contrast between the two of them is kind of hilarious. Update: the Jimmy Kimmel parody is also good, as is Kanye's reaction. Shit's gotten cray.  (BBC )

Loving this recap of the most recent Capsule Trade Show in NYC. (Sight Unseen )

This Fall Budget is hilarious and sums up my feelings on THE season of the year.  (The Frenemy)

Gorgeous shots of Stella Jean's Spring Summer 2014 fashion show.  (The Sartorialist