Natural Men's Skincare

I've always liked the smell of a man (?).  

Even as a mini Second Floor Flat, my mother and I would always make sure to park near the men's section of a department store when we would go shopping at the mall. Not only are the parking lots generally less crowed near the men's entrance (tip) but parking there would mean that we'd have to walk through the men's section not once but twice - on our way into the mall, and on our way out. 

That may be one of the reasons I'm so drawn to men's products. I wear men's deodorant every day and recently found myself very drawn to the men's skincare collection at Portland General Store.

Great smell aside, it may have to do with the killer design of the packaging. Or, the fact that the small team behind this brand only uses natural ingredients and tests all of their products for a year before releasing them to the public. 

Portland General Store will be releasing women's products soon, which I certainly plan on trying (and reporting back on) as soon as possible. In the meantime, I'll stick with the men's. Sure beats visiting a mall department store.

For more on Portland General Store, check out this article from Well Spent. You can also purchase Portland General Store products on their site.