Good Reads


After a quick dip into the Tate Britain for the first time yesterday (followed by a visit to my new favorite place in London, Brunswick House) I'm hoping to revisit both for a longer period tomorrow.

In case you missed it...


Breaking Bad...Sunday! 

Loving the Sightseer series from photographer Roger Minick.

 The O.C.'s  Sandy Cohen gives the best love advice.

The gorgeous houses of Westlake, just south of San Francisco, were the inspiration behind Malvina Reynolds's "Little Boxes".  

In case you haven't seen it: Picasso Baby.  

Brazilian fashion designer Raquel Guimaraes trained 18 prisoners how to knit. They now work knitting in their maximum security prison for pay and a reduced sentence. 

Gosh I love Humans of New York.  

 Her sounds brilliant.  

An absolutely beautiful Missed Connection courtesy of champion of the world, BuzzFeed.  


Have a great weekend! 


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