Packing List: 6 Pieces For A Perfect Paris Outfit

I'm in Paris!

Drinking wine, eating far too much bread, getting blisters on my feet, craving green juice, and thinking about Breaking Bad, which I'm watching thanks to the wonders of Dropbox tonight. Even Paris can't take my mind off of Jesse Pinkman. 

Now, imagine you're with me in Paris. We're walking along a canal, (that white noise sound you're hearing is the water), feeling the breeze, and listening to some Frenchman or otherwise play a guitar. 

This is what we're wearing: 

Obviously we're not wearing the same  outfit, but the point is we both look cute and nonchalant. 


I'll see you in a few days.

In the meantime, check out my packing list for Nice and some of the other items on my wishlist. And don't forget to follow Second Floor Flat via Bloglovin, via Twitter, via Instagram.