Good Reads

And I'm Paris and Nice for the next couple of weeks! I'll be posting my Paris packing list early next week, but otherwise you can follow my French excursions on Twitter + Instagram

Have a great weekend, and an even better few weeks! xo



Obsessing over Terrence Malick's first film, Badlands, which I'm watching as soon as I get back! (Thank you, Wolf Eyebrows, for telling me about this!)

These these Imogene + Willie jeans are officially on my Wishlist.  

Mick Jagger, age 15.  

This Brooklyn food blogger is going vegan for 21 days. Could you do it? 

I really, really love Ed + Jiggles.  

The David Sedaris movie trailer is out!  (Also, his most recent Fresh Air interview is a must-hear.)

Clothing of the future, according to predictions made in 1939.  

Band of Outsiders + Rashida Jones! 

How it feels to be an American expat in London

Inside NPR.  

I'm selling a pretty cute skirt on eBay, you know, in case you're in the market.