Good Reads

My pal Lisa is heading to the Big Smoke tomorrow before we jaunt off to France next weekend. Borough Market, my favorite place in London, is most definitely on the cards. Have a great weekend and don't miss these things:



Life Doesn't Frighten Me. A poem by Maya Angelou with beautiful illustrations by Jean-Michel Basquiat. 

Reverberation Radio, found via Tomboy Style, is my new obsession.  

  Here's a great article about Albequerque, New Mexico, and how it's been affected by Breaking Bad. And more Breaking Bad

I've been playing around this week with Styloko - a new shopping site which allows you to curate your own boutiques from a multitude of brands. Styloko will also contact you when your items of choice go on sale, which is a huge bonus for a "thrifty" gal like me. Check out my boutique here!


I've just started contributing to R29 London, which I'm very excited about. Check out my piece on the challenges of wearing a sleeveless blazer and my guide to picnic fashion



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