Happy 4th of July!

If you're in the U.S., happy 4th of July!

If you're not, enjoy the end of your week.

A magazine catch-up sesh is in hopefully in my future - particularly with Cherry Bombe and I Love You.


Here are a few things to know about: 


Loving this beautiful Cuff Ring from Asheville-based another feather.  

Looking forward to watching this short film by Louis CK. (Found via Paragraph.) 

Really wanting some Salt Water Sandals - now sold by ModCloth.

The Great Greta Gerwig obsession continues. We just have to be friends, right? 

How perfect is this summer bun? Totes imitating this later. (Spoiler alert: mine won't look like that.) 

Check out my profile on Vancouver-based, Hey Jude on SHK Magazine