Good Reads

HF, y'all. Two amazing things are happening today: 

1. Jesse and the Rippers are reuniting and playing tonight on the Jimmy Fallon Show. God bless John Stamos.

2. I'm going to see The Drowned Man: A Hollywood Fable, suckas! This is an interactive theatrical experience put on by Punchdrunk, the theatre troupe behind New York's Sleep No More. I'll be running around a 4-story building that's been constructed to resemble a 1950's Hollywood sound stage. Also it's right next to the Kate Middleton baby hospital, so fingers crossed something happens!


Other stuff to check out: 


These gorgeous photos and words about Sri Lanka by Matthew Herrmann.  

Jay-Z, I mean Jay Z's, 99 problems, illustrated.  

I finally saw Side Effects with Jude Law and Rooney Mara on the plane back from Florida. It's worth seeing / also Rooney Mara looks EXACTLY like Alexa Chung in this movie. Someone agree with me!

Gah, this Crisscross Corded Perf Dress in Navy from Kate Spade Saturday really is  perf. It'd be even better with these flat sandals

I just love me some Seth Meyers (found via Cup of Jo). 

Check out my summer reading list which includes the book I'm currently reading: 


the book I'm about to be reading:

and a book from dear pal/hilarious dude Lucas Klauss