Jean Shorts

Jean shorts, you know. Nothing really says summertime more than some nice, abbreviated denim.

So often I find that I associate memories with outfits - does anyone else do this? 

In a  way, it's helpful because it helps me to remember specific events in a lot more detail than I might have without a specific, concrete associate to hold on to.


My favorite memories of jean shorts:  



Stars and stripes jean shorts with a matching top

Worn for the Fourth of July. A day that started with lounging in a pink, plastic pool in the front yard, and finished with watching fireworks in a park downtown.

AGE 15 

Gap jean shorts

Bought just big enough to hang off my hips. Actually just too big, so I spent a few years in early high school trying to keep them on with a belt and pulling them up whenever no one was looking.

AGE 22 

Cutoff men's jean shorts, borrowed from a male friend. (He was gay, you guys. Calm down.)

The perfect mid-thigh length. Just big enough that they hung properly, like loose shorts are supposed to.