Chic & Really Cheap

The trusty ol' elephant jumpsuit. I wore the heck  out of this thing when I first moved to New York and with good reason.

This, combined with my faux double-breasted blazer and chambray shirt, and you basically have a collection of my most-worn hits. Here's the breakdown: 

Elephant Playsuit: $5 / £3.15 


Gap Chambray Button-Up:   gift (regularly priced at $49.95 / £32) 

H&M Menswear Blazer:  $36 / £23

 Samudra Clutch: gift from my lovely pals at Refinery29 (regularly priced at $60 / £38)

Urban Outfitters sunglasses: $15 /  £9.50


Saddle Shoes: $30 £19

And finally, these were purchased for my SCAD senior collection. I had a hard time finding the oxfords I was looking for, so I bought straight-up dance shoes, had them resoled, and have been "rocking" them ever since. 

The total cost of the outfit? Oh yeah, it's $86 / £55



 PS:  I wrote this elephant jumper the night I met the dude who turned into my husband so if that doesn't tell you something well, I don't know.