Good Reads

It's been a long  week, and I'm so looking forward to some (fingers crossed) picnicking and general relaxing.  Here are some things you may have missed from the week:

I just learned about Skillcrush, a site targeted at women with the goal of making computer programming and coding easier to understand and accessible to more people. You can sign-up for their e-mail newsletters (I did!) or take a class. Obsessed.

An interview with Laura from Van-Leeuwen. Oh, how I miss their ice cream! 

And speaking of interviews, here's Refinery29's interview with Greta Gerwig last week. I love  her. 

51 animal photos that are worth it.  

I've just started writing for SHK Magazine!

And speaking of, I covered the London menswear collections earlier this week for Capsule Trade Show's industry blog, We Are The Market.  Here's what I wrote.


Have a grrreat weekend!