Chic and Really Cheap

Oh patent leather chelsea boots - how you've come to change my days and my nights. Anytime I feel like dressing gross, or just want to look cool and add a little "f-you" to my ensemble, I know I can always count on you to add just the right amount of scruff to my friendly demeanor.

Which is why I have here chosen to pair you with the girliest of dresses. Srsly, what screams "hehehe" more than a full-skirted pastel dress that says "Florida" all over it?

So right, not really sure any bad-ass boots could help this cause, but I tried and ended up with a "Tell me about it, stud"-ish look.

Also, it was cheap:

ASOS Patent Leather Chelsea Boots - £40 / $60

ASOS Florida Dress - £26 / $40

American Apparel Men's Polo Shirt - a hand-me-down regularly priced at

£21 / $32

Bracelets and rings from In God We Trust and By Boe.

Which brings the grand total of this good-gal-gone-bad outfit to £87 / $132. Not bad considering the boots and the bad-girl flare, wouldn't ya' say?