Weekend Buys

I've been in such a shopping mood lately. Maybe it's the slight hint of spring weather (or maybe not, as this is London) but there's something in the air that's got me on the hunt for new spring finds. 

Between Friday's lunch-hour H&M marathon to Saturday's East London flea market troll, I found a few great things this weekend. Including:

Striped bomber jacket, H&M - £29.99 / $45

Stand of blue beads, charity shop - £1.99 / $3

Baseball cap, charity shop - £1  / $1.50

WWII-era painting, Dalston car boot sale - £1 / $1.50

Potato bread (!), Stoke Newington Farmer's Market

WUWO Magazine - free!

Dark denim jeans, H&M - £9.99 / $15

Printed handbag, Traid - £6.99 / $10

I <3 Hackney pin - free! 

Robin Reetz

I’m an expat currently living between London and North Carolina. I'm the Home & Living Editor at Clementine Daily, handle partnerships and more at DesignGood, and create content for folks like Teen Vogue. Also, I love independent designers. Find out more about me here: http://secondfloorflat.com/about-me/