Good Reads

It's (somehow) another three-day weekend for us here in London and I couldn't be more pleased. God bless the UK/save the queen, etc. 

Speaking of the UK, the photo above was taken on a trip we went on a couple of years ago. I flew to London from New York and we spent a weekend in Edinburgh. What a crazy beautiful place, though I spent most of the holiday spotting things I'd seen in One Day. Onto some links to round-up the week:

Love love love the concept of In the Make - a site run by three gals: a photographer, a writer, and a video editor - who document the studios of West Coast artists. This video will give you a bit of an idea, and it's also fueling my recent passion for West Coast-ness.

I don't even really get this, but it's cool so that's ok: Here Is Today.

The trailer for Populaire, which takes place in 1950s France and starts with a vintage typewriter. If you need to know more, well, our relationship might need to end here.

I've found the perfect pair of white jeans. (And when I originally typed this, I wrote wine jeans rather than white, so excuse me while I end my work day properly.)