Good Reads

To start with, how amazing is this photo? I'm (very) proud to say that my own pops (who's a master in digital media, thankyouverymuch) took this in Austin, Texas in the early 70s when he was working at The Daily Texan.  He is one talented dude.

And for your reading and watching pleasure this weekend, here are a few things to catch up on: 

Love me some Sofia Coppola. Officially obsessed with The Bling Ring

Fast Company's excellent profile of everybody's favorite J. Crew president, Jenna Lyons, in that perfect all white outfit.

The Artists' & Writers' Cookbook: Permit two egg yolks to recline. My heart swells.

If the purpose of this Free People video, Rashambo, was to convince me to buy their clothes and give myself bangs, well, mission accomplished.

A documentary I can't wait to watch about a dying art.

And finally, Coffitivity, a new site which has found the just-right levels of background noise to keep you productive without providing distraction. Try it!

Have a great weekend!