Chic and Really Cheap: Part V

Fashion baseball cap, take 1.

I've totally embraced the whole fashion trainer thing - wearing comfy shoes makes an amazing difference in your day - but have battled a bit more to get into baseball caps. They look darling and fresh on everyone I've seen wearing one, but something about them makes me feel a little nerdy. 

[PS - don't I look like a marionette in this picture?]

On to the outfit breakdown: 

Striped jacket, H&M - £29.99 / $46

Neon trainers, Topshop - £35 / $53

Dark denim jeans, H&M - £9.99 / $15

Straw handbag, Urban Outfitters - £9.80 / $15

Oxford shirt, Gap -  originally £29.99 / $46, but purchased 40% off and using a gift card, making it free #wassup

Baseball cap, Oxfam - £1 / $1.50

Which brings the outfit to a grand total of £85.78 / $131.62, which is slightly over the £65 / $100 budget but still on the el-cheapo side. 

Nerdy caps, here I come!

Rings from Catbird, By Boe, and South Africa.