Good Reads

TGIF, amIright?

This week's top articles to read and videos to watch over your relaxing weekend include Jenna Lyons talking about shoes, a First Aid Kit song I can't stop listening to, and a Sylvia Plath poem book. 

Snoop Dogg/Lion has a documentary coming out. Literally counting the days.

I read Patti Smith's award-winning novel Just Kids when it first came out in 2010, but am giving the audiobook a listen for my Brooklyn book club. Listening to the story rather than reading it is an entirely different and magical experience.

Jenna Lyons talks J.Crew shoes. Swoon.

Sylvia Plath's poetry.

Imagine sitting at the front of a London double decker bus on a winter morning. You make your way through ancient neighborhoods with charming names like Angel and Newington Green. The sun rises, you sip coffee, and this song plays... 

(Fine - my mornings aren't that bad after all.)

Have a great weekend!

Robin Reetz

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