Designers You Should Know About: Falcon Enamelware

Navy and white. There's something about it, don't you think? Whether it's pinstripes, piped pajama sets, or Wes Anderson-worthy school uniforms, there's something about the color combo that feels so classic and fresh at the same time.

Navy and white even has the power to spark my interest in something I generally avoid: preparing food. I'm really anything if a chef. Growing up with a darling mother who is interesting and knowledgeable as all-get-out but somehow just didn't have a huge interest in cooking, I came to be the same. 

So when it comes to home decorating in the kitchen, I'm bored. Put me in the dishware section of a department stores and it's about the equivalent of dragging me to an auto parts store - I turn into a five-year-old who wants to lay down on the floor and whine until it's all over. So really, it's no surprise that the only thing to get me excited about cookware would be a classic navy/white combo. Enter Falcon Enamelware.

Falcon originally began in 1920 and, aside from the classic design, are known for the strength and durability of their products. Their cooking, serving, drinking, and bakeware is all made of porcleain that's fused into heavy-gauged steel, making it is incredibly durable. Also, Falcon has bang-up branding:  

Second Floor Flat - Falcon Enamelware

I received my first Falcon mug for my birthday last year and have been using it every morning. The best part? The clean design (especially on our wooden countertop, ooh la la) makes every cup of coffee Instagram-ready, which isn't a bad way to start the morning. 

The good news? Should I decide that I'm ever ready to become the type of gal who cooks or bakes, I'll be fully prepared with my Falcon pieces. In the meantime, I'll keep having my coffee in my Falcon mug and enjoying that lovely, classic combo of navy and white.