Good Reads: The Best Links This Week

Happy weekend!

Aside from starting on an exciting new project this week (details to come), it was also my bdaayyy! To celebrate, we're trying this new restaurant in London's Ace Hotel tomorrow, maybe doing some shopping, and having some friends over for dinner (including the lovely lady behind these book reviews).

Have a great weekend! 

Obsessed with these Simona Vanth high heels.  (Also, don't you just love saying high heels rather than just heels? Sounds so glamorous.) 

Great piece about the demise of fashion eccentrics fromT  Magazine. 

Broccoli gets a (genius) makeover.  (The New York Times)

Fade Away, from Best Coast is - of course - great.  (Rolling Stone)

As mentioned hundreds of times before, Greta Gerwig is the GREATEST. ( It's Nice That)

A $20,000 house that I want to buy. (Co. Exist )

Check out my guest post on 100 First Dates on being married, and why it makes me no different from you, single gal with dirty hair.  (100 First Dates)

Time to do a little shopping, y'all: take 20% off at Nasty Gal and Mango. 

There's such a place in my heart for video stores and this article does a great job summing it up. The bit about how exciting it used to be to go to a video store during summer break is so true. RIP, Hollywood Video/Blockbuster/Turtle. (The Atlantic )