Good Reads: The Best Links This Week

Today marks the start of November which is the most exciting month because it is:

  1. The start of my birthday month (gloat gloat gloat)
  2. The start of the holiday season

I can't wait for either. My birthday means everything is perfect, the holiday season means I get to head home to Georgia, and just after the holidays (i.e. New Year's), my sister, bro-in-law, and hubsers are going to Amsterdam.  

Stuff is awesome. Have a great weekend! 

A guide to social etiquette, presented by LA boutique TENOVERSIX

So glad that Tim Kreider wrote this piece for the Sunday Times about writers being paid nothing for online writing jobs in exchange for "exposure". As a freelance writer, I feel pretty passionate about this. Unfamiliar with the topic? You would be shocked to know how common this is. (New York Times)

I'm obsessed with Everlane's products, but also their transparency. This is the way fashion and beauty need to be, folks! (Buzzfeed)

Photographer, vintage seller, traveller, kindergarden teacher Kate Jennings. (Need Supply Co.)

Bored Couples, a stellar photo series by British photographer Martin Parr. (Wolf Eyebrows)

David Lynch shows us how to make quinoa. (It's Nice That)

Sesame Street parodies Homeland. (Time)

Another wonderful story this week from The Bitter Southerner, this time on East Fork Pottery in Asheville, North Carolina.  

You should totally date my friend Charlene Chang. She's one of the most Eligible Bachelorettes in NYC, you know. (Refinery29)

Kind of obsessed with this glow-in-the-dark holiday sweater - I'd definitely do the black or the navy. 

This is my favorite branding ever.  (thisispaper)

One big problem with working from home. (Inc.)

Looking for reliable book reviews, or maybe something new to read? You're welcome.  

and finally: 

An unbelievably great photo series from The New York Times.