Beauty Box: Rahua Voluminous Shampoo

You may remember my friend Krista from last week's post about country music.  

Well, it just so happens that Krista is now a make-up artist and hairstylist living and working in Asheville, North Carolina. We spend our days/nights WhatsApping and texting about beauty products. I play the role of uninformed consumer, she plays the role of educated professional.

Since we spend so much time talking about products, I figured I'd share the wealth with you guys. Every Tuesday Krista will share her reviews on beauty products - natural beauty products, hair products, skincare, and more. Today's product - an all natural, volumizing shampoo.


Price: $32

What's It For? It's an an all natural shampoo that's meant to add volume and bounce to the hair.

Level of Difficulty (i.e. will the average bear be able to use this): Not difficult at all...but I used a little more at first to compensate for a slight lack of lather. However, I have learned to add a little water to really get some suds. 

Will it change my life? Yes!

Additional comments: I feel like I can go a little longer between shampoos because there aren't any harsh chemicals stripping my natural oils. I also feel like my hair dries with less frizz, which I did not expect from a natural product.