Hey Jealousy. How Do You Deal?

Guys: let's talk about something real quick. This is something that, if you're active online or on social media, probably happens relatively often. If not well then mazel to you and please share your secrets with the class.

The something I'm referencing is online jealousy, and it's a total jerk. It seemed like that whole 'high school popularity contest' thing had ended, but apparently it's back and in full force, but this time it's all in my head. 

Say you're sitting down on your couch one evening. There's a nice glass of vino in your hand, maybe a little My Cat From Hell on in the background, and you're scrollin' through bloglovin'. So far, everything is gold.

Suddenly, you come across what feels like the best pictorial, co-branded partnership, article, whatever you've ever seen and get a stab of panic. My blog/Instagram/Facebook/Twitter/Pinterest/deargodeverything will never be this good.

This jealousy is new, unnecessary, and dare I say unique to this day and age. Of course, artists and writers have been comparing themselves for, like, ever, but never before has high-quality content been this readily available. 

So, I'd love to ask you: if you have a blog or are active on social media, how do you cope with jealousy or just plain ol' feelings of inadequacy? 

P.S. - I've spoken on this topic before in  "Do Blogs Make You Feel Bad?". Clearly I should just get off the internet.