How To Succeed In Getting A Haircut Without Really Trying

There's something about a lady haircut that can be really emotional. Maybe it's just me, but I find myself equating long hair with femininity.

If I have long hair, I'm a pretty girl who's following the rules. But with short hair? Talk a bad-girl rule breaker who's cute at best. (Self-confidence issues, anyone?)

Funny enough, I had zero of these emotions last Saturday when I cut my hair from below the shoulder to below the chin. I was just over it, knowwhatimean? And god, it's so insanely much easier having shorter hair. 


Here's the BEFORE


Haircut - Before Photo


and the AFTER

Haircut - After Shot

Shout-out to Kontak in Stoke Newington who did a lovely job on my 'do, and who I didn't have cash to tip which would be like committing murder if I was in the U.S. But I'm definitely over-tipping next time to make up for it.