Good Reads

My dear friend Isabelle is visiting this weekend!

Isabelle and I first met when we sat across from each other at Refinery29. We listened to the same radio station and used to lip-sing Macklemore to each other. We bonded over a shared hatred of eating bananas in public. 

We'll be galavanting around town before she heads off for more European adventures. Have a great weekend! 


Stunning photos of a mezcal distillery in Oaxaca, Mexico. I kind of want to live there.  (this is paper

This recipe for cookies and cream fudge might be the death of me. (Cupcakes and Cashmere)

The city of New York is launching a new campaign to help improve girls' self-esteem. Brilliant. (NY Times)  

I'd like to be friends or studio-mates with Brooklyn-based textile designer Rebecca Atwood.  (rue)

This is relatable. (Buzzfeed)

A gorgeous New Zealand home. (Freunde von Freunden)