Lately in London

Between being home in Atlanta for the holidays and moving to a new flat in East London (hollla!), it's been a pretttyyy prettyyy busy month. Here's how we spent our time:

Walking around Central London on cold winter Saturdays...


having dinner in Kensington with these fine fellas and some family visiting from South Africa...


finding (and drinking cocktails at) new places in our neighborhood...


...and looking a little sad, serious, and pale while we did it.


And finally, we stopped by the St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel, where one of the best things to ever happen was filmed...


Still to come: getting the flat to a point where it looks/feels like home, exploring more of East London, trying not to buy pointless £7 shirts in the post-holiday sales at H&M, and making a few upgrades to the blog.

Gooo team!