Long Distance

There are some pros, but on the whole being in a long-distance relationship sucks.

I’ve just moved to London after spending three years traveling back and forth between New York and London all in the name of long-distance love. (Long story short: he lived/s in London, I lived in New York, we met in Brooklyn and split our relationship between the two cities for three f-ing years).

Aside from, you know, not being in the same city/country as the person you most want to be with, it’s also really expensive and requires constant conversations about scheduling and other logistical things.

The video posted here is really good. When I was still in long-distance land, I’d play the music used in this video in my head throughout the day. It helped me to feel less sad by realizing that tons of other people were in my position (especially one in particular), and it also satisfied my narcissistic tendencies since I was pretending to star in a popular internet video.