About Me:

Hey! My name is Robin Reetz. I'm a writer and lover of travel, animals, and independent designers.

In 2012, I married a South African dude and moved from New York to London. In 2015, we moved from London to back to the U.S. and are in the process of getting settled.

I do copywriting and community work for DesignGood, serve as the Home & Living Editor for Clementine Daily, and contribute digital lifestyle content to a few editorial sites and magazines with a home, fashion, and lifestyle focus. You can see examples of my writing work here.

Before London, I was living in New York and worked at Refinery29. Before that, I designed jewelry which sold at Anthropologie and Hendri Bendel. Before that, I worked at Teen Vogue. Before that, I lived in Atlanta (which is where I grew up) and went to SCAD.

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