Natalie Joy's Stream/Line Collection

While I've been a little quieter on the blogging front lately (moving into a new apartment and starting a new job all at once has a way of sucking up your time), I did want to take a quick little second to share Natalie Joy's new Stream/Line collection.

Natalie and I met via the lovely internet sometime last year and have followed each other ever since, as internet friends are wont do. She recently shared her Stream/Line collection with me and I had to pass it on – those lines, those shapes, that geometric approach to minimalism. Yes. Please.

A few of my favorite looks are below. For more, check out Natalie's complete Stream/Line collection and pick up a few (read: several) pieces:

Natalie Joy's Stream/Line Collection
Natalie Joy's Stream/Line Collection
Natalie Joy's Stream/Line Collection
Natalie Joy's Stream/Line Collection
Natalie Joy's Stream/Line Collection
Natalie Joy's Stream/Line Collection
Natalie Joy's Stream/Line Collection

Photographer: Evie McShane / Model: Alesha Cubitt / Hair + Makeup: Monica Ninh / Jewelry and Styling: Natalie Joy Miller

Mum & Co.

I first discovered Mum & Co. through very lovely Two Son – the Nashville boutique partially owned by James of Bleubird, which is a delight in itself.

Mum & Co.'s bags are mostly nubuck, suede, and velvet – simple, with oversized shapes. I fell hard and fast for them, and am seriously considering grabbing a Shoulder Bag. It's kind of like an elegant, thoughtful take on an everyday tote bag. And I'm obsessed.

Here's a glimpse of a few of Mum & Co.'s styles, to give you an idea of their greatness: 

betsy & iya's Unu Collection

On my elusive "someday" list is an idea I had a few years ago to take a boutique road trip.

A boutique road trip would be just like a regular road trip, except that it would be structured around various shops and boutiques. I'd stop by several in any given city, then move on to the next. Maybe a West Coast boutique road trip would include Mohawk General Store, Otherwild, YES, Seven Sisters, and Portland's betsy & iya (amongst many, many others). 

This trip is sadly not on the horizon, but I still like to imagine picking a piece from each store as a souvenir of my crazy fun trip. From betsy & iya, I'd have to choose a piece from their recently launched Unu Collection – which features minimalist, geometric, everyday jewelry that both blends in quietly and demands attention through its lovely, simple design. 

Nice, rgiht? Shop the full collection here, and check out their (very symmetric, very cool!) Instagram feed here.

Shopping List: Winter Sale Picks

This is around the time of the year that my whole "minimalist shopping" thing is challenged.

You see, it's January – the period that the entire Northern Hemisphere has collectively decided to be the most 'meh' time of the year. It's finally cold. Expensive, warm things are finally on sale. And, to cap it all of, I just got a new rewards card. So yeah, you could say the conditions are right for a little winter sale shopping.

Instead of making ill-considered sale purchases, instead I usually Pin my heart out in an effort to control myself and my obsessive (not quite compulsive) shopping habits. With that in mind, here are a few winter sale picks currently on that list of obsessions:

Paloma Wool

I love Paloma Wool – a Spanish line described by the designer as a "project about getting dressed and about space or ideas that are created around the act of getting dressed." To me, it's where art and fashion and form and function and shape collide.

Paloma's clothing features interesting, simple silhouettes with an emphasis on tailoring and negative shapes, with lighthearted, hand drawn patterns thrown in for good measure. In addition to the clothing, Paloma dabbles in ceramics. You can buy her beautiful vases, which echo the clothing line's feel of impactful simplicity, here.

What I love about this line is that what's there is what's needed – no more, no less. A few lookbook shots of the latest collection are below: 

A A K S SS16

About a year ago, I profiled my friend Akosua for a Behind The Scenes piece on her line A A K S.

It's one of my favorite posts to date, mainly because of Akosua's insane talent that extends far beyond her bag designs and into her work as a photographer and all around awesome content curator. Don't believe me? Check out her gorgeous Instagram feed.

When Akosua relaunched her site a few weeks back, I knew I had to both share the imagery and get a closer look myself at the new raffia bags featured in her SS16 collection. Aren't they gorgeous?

FARIS Jewelry

There's something about jewelry that I just find interesting. As someone formally trained in clothing design, I find the limitations that jewelry designers have to work with fascinating – in a way, a jewelry designer has a lot of freedom and is able to work with a variety of materials and experiement with the relation a piece will have to its owner. But in another way, there are a lot of restrictions placed on jewelry – size has to be considered as does wearability. Ultimately it has to sit and stay on the body in a way that clothing doesn't.

I love how jewelry can feel so individual, so personal, and at the same time jewelry is just a tiny little piece of wearable sculpture that goes with you everywhere throughout your day.

It's pretty cool.

FARIS, a line I recently found via LISA SAYS GAH, certainly fits that bill. Everything about the line feels like modern art. I love how versatile, refined, and modern it feels, and yet the price points are overall still affordable.

A few favorite pieces are below. Don't you love them?

FARIS Jewelry | Second Floor Flat